Albert Yu

I’m Albert Yu

I’m a systems-minded designer and developer with 10 years of experience building for the web.

My work focuses on delivering memorable experiences for meaningful products, with an interest towards practicing constraint-based design and inclusive design.

Currently at Neat (acq. Rapyd) – a modern fintech platform for businesses on the web.

I’m not looking for new opportunities at this time 🙂

Work Experience

  • Product Designer · Rapyd

  • Principal Software Engineer (Front-End) · Neat

  • Software Engineer / Team Lead (Front-End) · Neat

  • Software Engineer · HelloToby

  • Web Designer / Developer · Self-employed

I love designing with code, and thrive at the intersection of design & engineering. Here’s some tools and tech I use on a daily basis:

  • React / Node.js

  • JavaScript / TypeScript

  • styled-components / Emotion / Tailwind / Sass

  • Konigi graph paper & Artline 220

  • Sublime Text / Figma / Miro

  • git / GitHub / Docker

  • Slack / Jira / Confluence

About this site

I’m redesigning in the open. At the moment I’m using Next.js and theme-ui so I can quickly try out some ideas.

It deploys via GitHub Actions and runs on Docker on AWS, deliberately over-engineered so I can keep up with modern ways to deploy a website.

I recently restored the previous version of this site using SvelteKit to try out Svelte 🧑‍💻.


  • Github
  • LinkedIn